House on the Hill by Jensen Architects


9:05 am

House on the Hill is a private home located in San Francisco, California, USA. It was designed in 2013 by Jensen Architects. House on the Hill by Jensen Architects: “The rear façade and m...

Naturehumaine add maple and steel staircase to 1960s house


9:00 am

Angular shapes have been sliced out of the planks of smooth maple that encase a  staircase at the centre of this Montreal renovation by Naturehumaine  (+ slid...

Innocean Headquarters Europe / Ippolito Fleitz Group


9:00 am

Architects: Ippolito Fleitz Group Location: Frankfurt, Germany Design Team: Andrew Bardzik, Anke Stern
, David Schwarz
, Frank Peisert, Sebastian Tiedemann, Yuliya Lytyuk, Gunter Fleitz, Peter Ip...

daniel libeskind plans vilnius beacon ski center in lithuania

designboom | architecture & design magazine

8:45 am

the project seeks to create a new tourist destination for the baltic region, strategically located between the historic city center and the nearby airport. The post daniel libeskind plans v...

Composite Swarm


11:39 pm

melbourne AUSTRALIA suckerPUNCH: Describe your project. Kokkugia / Roland SNOOKS: The Composite Swarm installation is an architectural prototype exploring the relationship of robotic fabrication, comp...

Flagship Enterprise: The Future of Corporate Store Architecture Emphasises Individuality


11:14 pm

It may sound paradoxical, but corporate store architecture today strives to be as individualistic as possible. This is partly due to necessity. Like many booksellers, high-end fashion labels are...

Sculptural and Affordable Prefab Home in Sweden - Interior Design & Architecture Magazine

9:58 pm

Think cheap houses are boring and lacking inspiration? Think again! The “Happy Cheap” prototype for low-cost prefab homes comes to prove that affordable home design can look attractive and feel...

GPS Locator Concept by Raees PK


4:11 pm

Lately we get a lot of submission for a small GPS locator, one of them is from Raees PK. It’s a small device that works GPS enabled mobile phone, so whenever you lose your valuable things such as mone...

Mirror Houses by Peter Pichler Architecture


4:04 pm

Peter Pichler Architecture have completed some holiday rental homes, surrounded by an apple orchard, near Bolzano, Italy. Description from the architect: The site of the project is located in the mids...

The Apollo 8 Command Module Reimagined as a Lamp


1:20 pm

The Apollo 8 Command Module, the first lighting design by Woodlabo, takes after the vehicle launched into space for NASA’s famous 1968 mission. With precise, clean lines, the sculptural pend...

In Detail> Fulton Center

The Architect's Newspaper - News Channel

1:00 am

Lower Manhattan gets a scrumptious taste of sexy British high-tech.: Arup, Grimshaw, James Carpenter Design Associates The recently opened Fulton Center has brought a scrumptious taste of...

UAE headquarters of Bee’ah by Zaha Hadid Architects

Archiscene - Your Daily Architecture & Design Update

4:17 pm

Zaha Hadid Architects list another impressive project into their portfolio this time placing it into one of the architects inspiration points – the desert. The architects for the 90,000 square meter...

Sugamo Shinkin Bank Nakaaoki Branch by Emmanuelle Moureaux

urdesign magazine

10:06 am

French designer Emmanuelle Moureaux has completed her forth branch for the Japanese bank Sugamo Shinkin. Nakaaoki branch is located on the corner of major intersection, where there is a frequent movem...

Tokyo's Endangered Modernist Buildings Find an Unlikely Advocate

Metropolis Magazine

1:50 am

The fashion designer Tomas Maier has launched a campaign to save the best of the Japanese capital's twentieth-century architecture.

Shoelaces Lamps by Curro Claret with Metalarte


8:06 pm

Shoelaces, a lamp designed to assist people at risk of social exclusion.

Editor's Picks #398


1:00 am

For the latest Working out of the Box : Archinect talked with artist and architecture theorist, Santiago Borja . He relates that one thing he learned from architecture school is&...

Going Off the Steep End: Check-Out This Topography-Conquering Architecture


1:00 am

Shelter is a basic means of overcoming the elements, but it often entails a different set of challenges for human ingenuity. In order to defy air and water, we confront the earth itself, which pres...
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